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Trust of our clients

SIA LABRĪT DROŠĪBA is liable for safety of property under its security and it is, therefore, fully insured against any misstep and oversight, in order to further guarantee wellbeing of its customers and protection of their property.
Technical Security

Technical Security

One of the main functions of technical security is to provide 24 hour protection using various technical devices, such as alarm and video surveillance systems. 

SIA Labrīt always uses latest technological advancements to provide reliable and effective technical security. SIA LABRĪT DROŠĪBA monitors more than 2000 properties in Riga and Jurmala using Central Monitoring Unit (CMU) system that allows for 24 hour surveillance complemented by mobile groups ready to be dispatched any time. 

Technical security services include:

  • Security for residences (apartments and houses) 
  • Security for commercial organizations and public institutions 
  • Installation and maintenance of security alarm systems 
  • Installation and maintenance of fire alarms 
  • Video surveillance 
  • Access control systems

Recently SIA LABRĪT DROŠĪBA expanded and renewed its automobile fleet. This allows for more effective coverage of security zones, which leads to greater efficiency and faster response time of our mobile groups.

SIA LABRĪT DROŠĪBA employees monitor properties 24 hours and mobile groups are ready to be dispatched any time in case of any emergency to ensure safety of our customers and their property, or in case of any technical difficulties.


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